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Debbie was so helpful in helping me juggle all the deadlines, essays, and forms I needed to have ready for the college application process. She doesn't cut corners and gives thorough feedback on essays and other components of the application. She keeps things light and I had a lot of fun working with her.

IS- Harvard

I have personally found Debbie to be a life-saver. She worked differently with both my kids because she really met them where they were at.  Her process is very kid-driven, lots of listening, breaking down tasks into manageable pieces, answering their questions and really making sure they submit applications that best represent them.


Both of my kids have been very comfortable working with Debbie. She helped both of them the most with the application process, specifically apps, and the essays in them, because that was the part that lasted many months for each of them. But she also helped with activities, colleges lists, testing and teacher rec's. My older daughter wasn't familiar with the process at all. She didn't really have a college list. Debbie walked her through each part of the journey and gave her the support she really needed. She advised her to take the SAT again, which she did, and it helped. Debbie contacted her throughout the process to check in and make sure she was understanding things, and getting started on the next steps. Debbie broke down the actual application process into bite-sized chunks that made it much less overwhelming for her. They met both in person and via Skype because my older daughter really needed both in order to get the help she needed. Debbie was available at all hours. I remember a Friday night in November when the UC apps were due and there was a technical glitch in the UC system preventing her from getting them submitted. My daughter called Debbie, who picked up, already had heard about the glitch and knew of a way to get the applications submitted. She stayed on the phone with her until the apps were submitted. 


My younger daughter had already watched her sister go through the process, and is a lot more outgoing. So, she reached out to Debbie herself more with questions more frequently than my older one did. Debbie still structures tasks and has guiding discussions. Debbie discussed SAT testing, subject tests and summer activities last spring. The summer was about finding colleges and creating a good list. While the fall has been largely about the essays and applications. My daughter is very comfortable emailing or texting Debbie for extra help when she needs it, and Debbie responds quickly. 

 DC - D1-Johns Hopkins, D2-Yale

​​I highly recommend OnRamp College Counseling's Debbie Schatzman...I was impressed by her thorough but relaxed approach to the college application process. She does not try to sell potential clients services they don't need; she customizes her consultation to meet exactly what the student and family requests...Debbie asked all the right questions--first of us parents, and then of our daughter--to get to know what our daughter wanted in a college experience, and she recommended many colleges that we had not previously considered...Debbie's suggestions for our daughter's essays were quite useful, not only from a standpoint of good editing, but because she knows what admissions officers are looking for.                           

MK  - University of Texas, Honors

Without Mrs. Schatzman, I would not be where I am today, a highly prestigious school. I am an immigrant to the U.S, so I have no knowledge on this college admissions process, plus my writing skill is horrible and I have no idea to appeal to the admission officers with my essays. But Mrs. Schatzman is so helpful with editing essays, as well as outlining my goals, setting safety, fit, and reach schools. So I definitely would recommend her to anyone who is also a struggling senior at high school.                                                                                                                                                                       MW  -Vanderbilt University

Debbie helped me so much with my college applications and I do not think I would be a Freshman Direct Admit into the Foster School of Business if it weren't for her! She was very patient with me and offered great tips on how to enhance my personal essay. She helped me convey my message in an effective way and made sure what I wanted to highlight in my personal statement was shown. She even gave me pointers through e-mail during Thanksgiving break! On top of being very helpful, Debbie was super friendly and I still am in touch with her two years later. I highly recommend her as your college counselor.                                                                     

                                                                                                   VC - University of Washington

Debbie gave just the right amount of guidance and support when my son was applying for colleges.  As a parent, I wanted him to complete the application on his own (as much as possible).  He received some help from a high school English teacher regarding writing his essay, but Debbie really helped him to focus his many ideas into one coherent theme, which helped him to write a good essay that represented his personality.  She also promptly answered the many questions we had regarding the application process.   My son is now very happy at his college of choice!  Couldn't have done it without Debbie.

CM - University of Colorado, Boulder


OnRamp seniors were offered admission at the following colleges and universities

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