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© 2022 OnRamp College Counseling. 

OnRamp helps you navigate the road to college through a comprehensive counseling program.  I start with a self-assessment and we work together to finding the 'best fit' school.  I meet with you on a regularly scheduled basis to help guide you through the process, keep you on task, and help you manage your deadlines.  I spend a lot of time getting to know you so that I will understand what colleges will be a good match for your individual strengths and interests.  My goal is to help you gain admission to a college that allows you to thrive academically and have the best chances for a positive college experience.  The mile markers along the way include: 


  • Explain and facilitate the college admission process to you and your family

  • Advise you in your selection of high school extracurricular and volunteer activities

  • Ensure that you have the requisite academic courses to qualify for admission

  • Conduct a skills/interest assessment to help you identify college majors and career options

  • Create a college list of 'best fit' schools based on your specific criteria

  • Discuss differences between the SAT and ACT tests and construct a testing timetable

  • Suggest options for test prep if additional testing is required

  • Personalize your college plans if you have learning differences or other special issues

  • Suggest appropriate essay topics and work with you throughout the editing process

  • Review resumes and applications

  • Conduct practice interviews

  • Help coordinate college visits

  • Advise you and your family on financial aid and scholarship matters

  • Help you with your acceptance decision




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